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Fit an External Door

We always recommend that you employ the services of a good joiner to fit your new door.

But below are some useful hints on fitting the door should you wish to fit it yourself.

  • You may need to reduce the size of the doors to fit. You can do this by shaving off equally from both sides, but not excessively, e.g. maximum of 6mm from each side.
  • Seal the door with two coats of treatment before your first fix, then remove the hinges, take off all ironmongery and coat every surface liberally with your top coats, including all the cut outs before refitting.
  • Fully seal glass rebates and backs of glazing beads prior to glazing on models supplied without glass.
    It is essential due to the UK climate to apply a bead of clear silicone to the glass where the glass meets the timber, before your final coat of your chosen product such as ‘Sikkens Filter 7’ or other good quality product.
  • Never fit mortise locks etc. at rail joints as this may seriously weaken them, use a minimum of three good quality 4” hinges
  • Don’t forget to fit a good quality weather board/bar