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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can we take off the door to re-size it ?

In general you can take off 6mm of each side of the door   maximum, you should always take equal amounts off each side of the door (if in doubt check, call or e-mail for advice).

When you need to reduce the height of the door it is best to consider that the same rule applies if your door is a veneered,

as you do not want to cut past the veneer or make it too thin.

If it is a solid wood door with no veneer then you have a better option but never cut to close to the joints as this will weaken the doors construction and could lead to the joints coming apart.

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Hinge size and quantity per door ?

When hanging a solid wood door consideration must be given to           the weight of the door. We usually recommend at least three hinges placed top, middle and bottom of the door using 3 or 4 inch hinges

Can I Track my delivery ?

All orders are delivered by courier and we send you the tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your delivery

Is it solid wood or veneered ?

Our Pitch Pine doors are solid pine.  Our Oak and clear pine doors are a solid wood base with an oak veneer

What happens if my door is damaged ?

We pack the doors in such a way that they should not suffer any damage during transit, but in the unlikely event that this does happen we will dispatch a replacement to you with immediate effect, subject to availability.

(please contact us immediately if your door does arrive damaged)

What is the difference between a standard door and fire door ?

A fire door is manufactured with a solid core construction designed specifically to reduce the rate at which a fire spreads through a building giving you and your family time to escape.

At Early Doors we supply FD30s Fire Doorswhich are certified to hold back fire and smoke for at least 30 minutes

They must be installed strictly in line with manufacturers   guidelines and all associated accessories must also be fitted otherwise the door may not give the required fire protection.

Do we carry stock of doors ?

Yes we carry a range of stock at all times, but in the event of your order not being in stock we can still normally get delivery from manufacturer in 3 to 5 working days.

What is the finish on the door ?

At present we do four types of finish, unfinished, pre-finished which has been treated in the factory and also on some doors we can get either pre-primed in the factory or a factory paint finish subject to colour requirement.

Do we fit doors ?

Unfortunately we do not have a fitting service.  But we always recommend that you obtain a good joiner to fit your new door.

Do we supply made to measure doors ?

Yes, we can supply bespoke made to measure doors, but please note that these do not appear on our web site.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What finishes can I apply to my door ?

It is essential that exterior doors in particular are fully sealed with a good quality product both base coat and top finish.

We do not recommend any particular brand but you should look to use something of a quality of Sikkens or Osmo a product that gives your new door good protection .

Do you deliver ?

All our prices are inclusive of our standard delivery.

Other delivery options are available on certain doors.