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Fire Doors

  •  Fire doors are not like ordinary doors, they have a specific purpose to increase the time it takes for a fire to burn through it.
  • They are generally installed in places where people will require time to escape if the building is burning. Consideration must be given to the surrounding walls and door frame, there is no point having a fire door if the frame and surrounding walls are not equal to the doors fire resistance.
  • A fire door is made with a solid core and will provide different levels of protection. The minimum rating for a fire door is FD30 which means it is built to withstand flames and heat for a minimum of 30 minutes.  But you can fit FD60 doors which offer even greater protection at 60 minutes.
  • Fire doors are only effective if fitted with the required fixtures and fittings in accordance with fire regulations.
  • Fire doors work by fitting intumescent strips around the edges of the door that lie dormant in normal conditions, but when in contact with extreme heat they will expand rapidly sealing the gaps around the door thus preventing fire and heat penetrating the door. You can also fit intumescent strips that will prevent smoke getting through.
  • It is imperative if you are installing fire doors that they are fitted correctly otherwise they may fail.

Do You Need a Fire Door in Your Home?

  • It has always been considered advisable to have a fire door fitted to any room that has the possibility of there being a fire, such as a kitchen or a room with a fire place or electrical items stored.
  • If you are considering a loft conversion then it is required that there is a safe corridor to the outside of the building and fire doors will be essential.
  • A garage with a door into the home must have a fire door
  • It would make sense to survey and consider each and every aspect of your home or office and consider fitting fire doors to all rooms to ensure adequate protection and peace of mind.

Hints When Buying a Fire Door

  • When you are looking to purchase a fire door it is imperative that you use a reputable supplier. Many door sellers claim to sell fire doors but they may not have been tested.  Ask if the product has been tested and ask to see label or fire certificate that corroborates the claim with that particular door.

It is vital that the fire door you are looking to purchase is rated by an accredited fire safety scheme such as the British Woodworking Federation’s CERTIFIRE scheme. This will ensure that the door has been fully tested and checked to ensure it meets with the highest safety standards.  You can identify this by looking for the BWF-CERTIFIRE label on the top edge of the door.

  • Remember it is equally important to fit the right door frame and ironmongery to the door. There is no point in looking to save a few pounds when you consider the possible consequences of in the worst case scenario severe fire damage to your home and the possible loss of life.

 Installation of your fire door

  • Fire doors must be fitted properly to be effective, again there is no point in saving a few pounds if you are not fully confident in fitting it yourself. Always enlist the services of a professional competent door fitter/joiner to fit your fire door.
  • It is of vital importance that the gap around the sides and top of the door are no more than 3mm Maximum and no more than 10mm Maximum gap between the base of the door and the floor. 

We hope that this guide will give you some assistance when choosing a fire door. Early Doors cannot stress strongly enough that you should follow all the instructions that should be provided with your door, and follow the manufacturers or a suitable professionals advice.

If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to give you the best advise possible.